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When translated from an Italian phrase, ‘Far Niente’ romantically means ‘without a care’. We hope you recapture that essence as you take a behind-the-scenes peek at Far Niente and the fine Cabernet and Chardonnay we produce here in Oakville.




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Without a Care



Wine and Board Games for a Winning Night In

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EnRoute Wine and Game NightWhether you’re all about strategy, love creative word play or are a cutthroat card game competitor, wine adds a delicious layer of fun to a classic game night. We asked four of our winery team members to share what they’re currently playing – and sipping – while settling in at home. Get ready to connect, laugh, compete and toast with these fresh wine and board game pairings.

Wine and Board Games Nickel & Nickel Wine and Board Games Bella Union

Kelly Denny, Assistant Manager, Personal Gifting

Ticket to Ride + 2016 Nickel & Nickel Suscol Ranch Merlot

“Some of our favorite wine pairings have nothing to do with food. Wine and board games are  big in our house, and since we’re not getting out right now, we’re bringing the cross country adventure to us!  Ticket to Ride is fast-paced and seemingly easy to play, yet there’s added complexity because it’s really all about strategy. The Suscol Ranch Merlot is a wonderful partner to the game. It’s juicy and easy to enjoy, yet layered with complex dark fruits, earth and subtle olive.  It’s the perfect Napa Valley wine to sip on while carefully considering your next move.”

Shannon Reilly, Lead Wine Club Specialist

Apples to Apples + EnRoute Pinot Noir Les Pommiers

“We love Apples to Apples because it’s fun for children and adults. Of course, with a name like Les Pommiers (translation: the apples), how could we resist pairing anything other than EnRoute with this game? Plus, Apples to Apples is engaging and fun, just like this lively Russian River Valley Pinot. I highly recommend pouring the kids apple or grape juice and kicking off the first round with a family toast!”

Todd Elliott, Hospitality 

Scattergories + Bella Union Cabernet Sauvignon

“We love opening a bottle of Bella Union Cabernet while playing Scattergories! They are a perfect wine and game night marriage. The tagline for Scattergories is “seek the unique,” and that’s one word I’d definitely use to describe Bella Union’s marriage of flavors.  Scattergories gives you a chance to learn new thing about your friends and family, while Bella Union introduces your palate to a beautiful Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon blend from great vineyards.”

Alysha Lee, Director of Consumer Experiences

The Game of LIFE and  Far Niente Oakville Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

“We’re really into the Game of LIFE right now. I’d pair it with all of our wines, since the game itself is such a great metaphor for the journey of a palate!  Start with the new EnRoute Rosé then move to Far Niente or Nickel & Nickel Chardonnay, followed by an EnRoute Pinot Noir and finally, once I’d really made it, I’d have to go with the Far Niente Oakville Estate Cabernet, because as we go through all of the challenges of life our palate evolves and we develop a heightened appreciation for masterfully crafted wines.  Realistically, I wouldn’t be drinking that many wines in a single night, so if I had to pick one, I’d probably go straight for the best Cabernet pairing.

We’d love to hear how your own creative wine and board game pairings, whether your wine tasting party currently looks like this,

,wine and game night

or more like this

wine and board games


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