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Napa Valley Vineyards

Our Wines

At Far Niente, we like to think of our wines as the exceptions rather than the norms. Most of our fans and wine reviewers would concur that we do things differently, which results in exceptional wines.

Our Cabernets are created with great finesse and sophistication. Ours are not overly-extracted powerhouses that taste fine for the first sip or two until you realize one glass is about your capacity. Rather, Far Niente Cabernets are more elegant, more plush, and complex as layer after layer of flavors unfolds. Meaning your opportunities for enjoyment extend beyond a few sips or just one glass. And your ability to appreciate nuance and subtleties is ever-present.

Our Chardonnays are non-malolactic and created to age, which is far from typical of Napa Valley or any California Chardonnays for that matter. We allow the grapes to retain their natural acidity, which over time allows the wines to offer a more sophisticated, richer palate profile. In their youth, our Chardonnays are fruit-forward and present a bright, crisp acidity, but as they age that richer, creamier profile takes hold.

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Our Vineyards

Selecting and nurturing the finest Napa Valley vineyards are arguably two of the most important things we do. We have exacting standards, and a passion for precision. Our vines grow in some of the most coveted Napa Valley regions, where they are nurtured by sustainable practices, tried and true farming techniques, and decades of experience. This allows us to produce wines of the highest caliber, with every vintage showing distinctive and exceptional character.

Vineyard ownership is one of the keys to our success, ensuring the highest quality care of our vines from pruning through harvest. From our Chardonnay planted in the cooler, bay-influenced Coombsville AVA to our coveted estate acreage in Oakville, below are descriptions of some of our most noble Napa Valley vineyards.

Martin Stelling Vineyard

Oakville | 57 Acres

This vineyard is the cornerstone of the Far Niente Cabernet program. Located against the western hills of Oakville, the Martin Stelling Vineyard was first planted in the late 1970s, close to the time Gil Nickel acquired the Far Niente winery. This vineyard speaks to our constancy, and to our deep-seated mission of excellence. It has only produced grapes for Far Niente and Nickel & Nickel. And its location in Oakville represents the very heart and soul of great Napa Valley Cabernet.

Barrow Lane Vineyard

Coombsville | 18 Acres

Nestled in a little-known area of the cooler, southern Napa Valley known as Coombsville, this vineyard offers the characteristic climate of Carneros, with a few key differences. It enjoys the cool influence from the San Pablo Bay, but claims deeper, well-drained, volcanic soils and less wind. This gently sloping vineyard with its western exposure produces wines with a great acidity, lending structure and a mouthwatering juiciness to our Far Niente Chardonnay. 

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John’s Creek Vineyard

Coombsville | 50 Acres

John’s Creek Vineyard is key to our Napa Valley Chardonnay. The deep, gravelly loam soil and the vineyard’s southwestern exposure account for the fruit ripening a full two weeks earlier than Barrow Lane. The resulting aromas and flavors add wonderful components of richness and subtle tropical fruit nuances that have long been associated with Far Niente Chardonnay.

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Cabernet Sauvignon

Our alluring Cabernets balance intrigue and distinction. After 40 years of mastering the art of Napa Valley Cabernets, our timeless wines punctuate all occasions.

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Our wines highlight the natural beauty of Napa Valley Chardonnay winemaking. With more than 30 years of creating beautifully balanced Chardonnays, each vintage is worthy of a celebration.

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